Friday, April 3, 2009

Public Service Announcement *A Dream

Last night I had a dream about a public service announcement.

It was a television commercial where there were short clips of different people saying things like:

"What's it to me?"
"It doesn't affect my life"
"It's not my business"

at the end the screen went black and in simple white letters it said
"If your wife is a hit-woman it IS your business and it WILL affect your life. Don't just ignore the situation."

That was the end.


the omnicollective said...

Once again, totally freaking awesome.

Claire said...

What do you think this means? It could be about your life's vocation and how you might serve the public. It might be time to give these matters some thought.

Anonymous said...

man, i had a similar one, but instead of a "hit-woman" it was my wife hitting me.