Friday, June 20, 2008

Silly Funny Happy Fun Land.

So anyone who's lived in a foreign country knows about the silly funny happy fun things you come across here's a few:

One of the main sources of this funtime are locals who don't get a lot of opportunities to encounter foreigners, so when the time comes they get excited and say every English word/phrase they know... for example...
Today three construction workers 75ft up a rickety scaffolding (without ropes, harnesses or any safety devices) stopped everything to shout "HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?! I LOVE YOU!" all this of course while waving and blowing kisses.

I've seen more Buddhist monks/nuns here than anywhere else I've been. They're all over town; on the metro, driving cars, window shopping at the Mitsukoshi Luxury Mall. My favorite nun-experience though was in my favorite neighborhood vegetarian restaurant... I found myself sitting behind a table of nuns... and then it happened... along came the loudest nun-fart i'd ever heard. Now i know this is the only nun-fart i've ever heard but i'm confident nothing will ever top it.

oh and i came across this billboard paid for the Taiwanese Army's Recruiting Center... I think it explains itself:

good times in fun fun happy sunshine toyland.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sad News.

I've spoken a few times about the great views from our apartment complex. While the view from all of our windows is the neighboring building the view from the balcony is pretty amazing. One of the views we often enjoyed was a man living in a rad but rundown rooftop apartment. He kept pigeons in a large cage on the roof of his rooftop. Most afternoons you could see him climbing out onto the roof to feed the birds. Tonight we heard a loud crash and ran to the balcony to see that his apartment had burst into flames. He stayed on the roof for quite some time throwing buckets of water onto the overwhelming fire while neighbors brought fire extinguishers. Eventually it was too much and everyone retreated. By the time fire department arrived the fire had spread to the lower floors as well as the neighboring buildings. The fire fighters did some very impressive work putting out the fire but the rooftop man's place was gone.

Please raise a glass to Mr. Pigeon tonight, I did.

You can see him on the roof here a few weeks ago.