Thursday, May 29, 2008

The roof.

Our building has a shared space on the rooftop. Currently, the other tenants use it for drying laundry, growing two small potted plants and burning "ghost money."

but... look at the views from this place (pictured below), i'm buying a table and chairs and setting up camp

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Taipei seems to be the home of seemingly unforgiving modern structures of glass and stone standing, neighbor to relics of crumbling brick with jungle growing from their heart. In the middle of the city center, at the core of a seemingly unresting commercial neighborhood you can find the shell of a building overwhelmed by vines. I found the remains of a brick building in Jingmei, like a crab's shell on the beach, left behind by growth or death it stands with the branches growing through its broken windows the only life left inside.

also, more ruins from the jungle near Xingfu Amusement Park.

Building in Jingmei:

same building:

Temple ruins: